Drama comes to the Four Seasons

This is the second blog to highlight the gorgeous wedding of Kristina and Karif that was just featured in Inside Weddings. You got to experience the fun Miami colors in their rehearsal dinner. Now is their glorious wedding complete with a stellar team of the best vendors LA has to offer.

Planning for these 2 lovely people who chose me as their destination planner across the country was a complete joy. They fully trusted me in selecting the best vendors for their dream wedding. It began one  September afternoon after seeing the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and then we were full steam ahead in planning their gorgeous wedding in just 5 short months.

It was Star Wars that inspired the couple and we tied that in to the wedding in very subtle ways from the music at the ceremony to the cake designed by the best pastry chefs at the Four Seasons.

What I love about this beautiful couple is that they were fully invested in each other having their dream wedding come alive. They had their own voice and were determined to give the very best to their guests and their families.

Enjoy the gorgeousness from one of my favorite photography teams Nextexitphotography.comrop_W190309_0427rop_W190309_0503rop_W190309_0576rop_W190309_0699rop_W190309_0731rop_W190309_0803rop_W190309_0831rop_W190309_0951rop_W190309_0955rop_W190309_1054rop_W190309_1060rop_W190309_1123rop_W190309_1137rop_W190309_1179rop_W190309_1185rop_W190309_1190rop_W190309_1199rop_W190309_1202rop_W190309_1208rop_W190309_1215rop_W190309_1223rop_W190309_1234rop_W190309_1249rop_W190309_1252rop_W190309_1287rop_W190309_1473rop_W190309_1474rop_W190309_1580


Miami comes to the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills

Planning the destination wedding for Kristina and Karif was one of my highlights of 2019. They called me from Miami last year wanting a lovely destination wedding in LA as they loved Los Angeles so much. They wanted a beautiful hotel with a garden.  Karif called me one morning and said he just came in to town and wanted to see venues that day. We met at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and he immediately fell in love with the venue and texted Kristina pictures of the space. It was one and we were done as this was the space they loved.

We planned the stunning wedding which was just featured in Inside Weddings which I will show on a later blog, and then began the process of planning the welcome dinner for 40 happy guests. The Four Seasons has a beautiful pool terrace and was perfect for their Miami themed dinner.  We wanted a casual Cajun dinner. Since we were designing an elegant white and pink wedding, we brought in a colorful feel of teal and purples for the dinner. I brought them to Luxe Linen when they came into town and we chose a dramatic teal linen that was very daring. It went perfectly with our rental lounge furniture. Butterfly Florals added their fabulous touch to the overall look.

Guests feasted on a delicious menu curated by the chefs at the Four Seasons and finished off with a smores bar.

Stunning photography by nextexitphotography.comrop_W190309_0150rop_W190309_0109


Beautiful Calligraphy by Calligraphy Katrin



Romance at Calamigos


Working with Kellie and Raf was one of the easiest weddings ever. Right away we selected the Calamigos Oak Room for their wedding venue. Kellie and her mom loved it and then she showed it to Raf and it was a no brainer for both of them as they loved that location. It was magical and romantic which is exactly what Kellie wanted when she called me.

Kel;ie is a doctor and in the middle of her residency at Cedars so I was committed to have everything as easy as possible. We selected a Dj Photographer and Videographer immediately and then began on the design a few months later. Butterfly Florals designed a beautiful space and it was exactly what Kellie imagined when she saw the room. I was so delighted to see the absolute joy on Kellie’s face as she saw everything. It is exactly what a planner wants on wedding day.

It did not stop there as the ceremony of 2 high school sweethearts who have been together for 9 years was so moving. They continued to dance for joy at every moment. The day was September 21st so it was only fitting that Earth Wind and Fire’s September was the song playing as the bride and groom made the grand entrance. DJ Bryan Chesters had the guests on their feet non stop. They would have continued dancing and we had to stop for a bit to serve dinner otherwise everyone would have continued to dance all night long. The final dance was  again September and the guests then sent the bride and groom on a fabulous send off to their marriage.

There are weddings for the history books and this one will go down as one of the most fun in my experience. I was still dancing for a week. It was a major high for me to see the guests on the dance floor tearing it up, the bride and groom delighted, the parents so happy. May all continue to dance!!!

Fabulous photography by dantophotography.comIMG_8716JD1_8642JD1_8679JD1_8712JD1_8763JD1_8709JD1_8696IMG_849575462408_10206728637250818_3358414230742106112_oLY7A8696IMG_8817JD1_9291JD1_9297JD1_9294LY7A8877JD1_9280LY7A8882



Love at South Park Center



What an amazing day it was for Shawn and Eedan this past February. I always love planning and coordinating a wedding at South Park Center. It is beautiful and I love the logistics of making everything happen for my couples on the top floor. It takes a village partnership and teamwork to make it happen and that we did on February 17th.

Shawn found me through her floral designer Butterfly Florals with whom I have done over 30 weddings. She is lovely and had all her vendors so she needed me to pull it all together.

The day was perfect after the week of heavy rains we had that week. Jessica Claire was amazing capturing all the beauty of the day including the many hours of time I included for couples and family portraits.

It was a beautiful Jewish ceremony under the gorgeous chuppah designed by the magical Inna Savluk and then confetti canons went off as the bride and groom went down the aisle.

One of the most moving parts of the day was when Shawn’s dad made a toast. Over 30 years ago on February 17th he was shot in a convenience store and was a coma. A miracle happened as he came out of his coma, married his sweetheart, and had Shawn, his miracle baby. He now can have a beautiful new memory of February 17th. The day his beautiful daughter marry the love of her life.   This day was so moving for all and it was one of the most fun weddings as it was a huge celebration.

To Shawn and Eedan! What a way to begin the year!

photography by 20190217wed-002320190217wed-084020190217wed-114120190217wed-135820190217wed-145520190217wed-158120190217wed-197520190217wed-223520190217wed-225920190217wed-233120190217wed-233320190217wed-234520190217wed-238320190217wed-239120190217wed-242320190217wed-232720190217wed-251720190217wed-324320190217wed-360720190217wed-368920190217wed-372320190217wed-374920190217wed-384320190217wed-377120190217wed-380120190217wed-398720190217wed-410120190217wed-403120190217wed-408420190217wed-412920190217wed-388120190217wed-456220190217wed-440720190217wed-482320190217wed-475820190217wed-5071www.jessicaclaire.net




White and Peach Wedding at Saddlerock


It was such an honor to plan this beautiful wedding for Mitra and Hugo at the beautiful hillside house at Saddlerock Ranch.

Mitra and Hugo are busy professionals and I was determined the process be easy for them. We went with the best Persian vendors and Dmitry Shumanev was the fantastic photographer and videographer who captured the day so beautifully.

There were a lot of moving parts to this wedding as the ceremony and reception were in the same location. We had to flip the space. I wanted the guests to have a wonderful time at the cocktail hour while the amazing vendors transformed the gorgeous space. We had a latin guitarist and the guests dined on tacos and margaritas as we combined Hugo’s Latin culture with Mitra’s Persian culture.

Arte Floral designed the beautiful sofreh where Mitra and Hugo declared their vows and transformed the beautiful vineyard into a fun and romantic reception space along with Harrys Party Rentals.

DJ Sepi kept the party going with great music and David Masrour delighted the guests with the best Persian food.

This was a night to remember for Mitra and Hugo.



Pretty and Pink at Vibiana



It was such an honor to plan this beautiful wedding for Bridget and Ashok at the stunning iconic Vibiana. Ever since 2012 when I first took a tour of this gorgeous venue I wanted to plan a wedding here. Finally one of amazing clients chose this stunning venue.

Bridget knew exactly what she wanted and together we fulfilled on vision of beautiful pink and white roses and full of candlelight. She wanted romance and romance is what she got.

We found ways to honor her parents who had passed away with a candle lighting ceremony during the ceremony. And also include their puppy during the ceremony. The ceremony was special and very touching.

One of my favorite moments is showing my couple around the ballroom before anyone has a chance to see it. I love to see their faces as they see that their vision came to life.  And it did.

I had sent Bridget a shortlist of photographers. She interviewed the first one Dina Douglas of Andrena Photography and made her decision right away. This was the same with the DJ Bryan Chesters of Lets Party LA who had the dance floor full of happy guests all night. Planning with Bridget was that easy.  I gave her a list and she met with the first one and that was it.

Photography by http://www.andrenaphoto.com



Love at Cielo Farms

Ashley and Zein came to me last year. They had a venue and knew they needed a planner as they both and very busy careers. They were also questioning the size of the venue for the size of the wedding. We immediately went to see it and yes it was way too small despite the venue owner insisting it could fit 170 people. I gave Ashley 2 options as she wanted a winery wedding in the heart of Malibu and she fell in love with Cielo Farms just from the video.  We put a hold on her date and booked it 2 days later. It was perfect for a black tie vineyard wedding.

Since my clients both had very busy careers, I wanted the planning process to be as easy as possible for my clients.   We designed the wedding to be romantic and lovely.  Ashley and Zein wanted great music, delicious food, and great wines. And that they had for their beautiful September Wedding. I referred all best vendors and the first choice was the only choice for them. As I say wedding planning can be easy and fun with the right planners and vendors. They both have elegant taste and we went with a clean classic look for everything. It was a lovely white wedding in the heart of the Malibu canyons.



The stunning photography ws captured by nextexitphotography.comoba-W180915_0044oba-W180915_0061oba-W180915_0198oba-W180915_0219oba-W180915_0243oba-W180915_0262 copyoba-W180915_0321oba-W180915_0324oba-W180915_0334oba-W180915_0335oba-W180915_0341oba-W180915_0346oba-W180915_0350oba-W180915_0351oba-W180915_0356oba-W180915_0362oba-W180915_0363oba-W180915_0364oba-W180915_0368oba-W180915_0372oba-W180915_0455oba-W180915_0489oba-W180915_0671oba-W180915_0680oba-W180915_0809 copyoba-W180915_0926oba-W180915_0903oba-W180915_0941oba-W180915_1211oba-W180915_1257oba-W180915_1180oba-W180915_1418




Going Hollywood at Greystone Mansion

Sergio and Tara are two of the most gorgeous people I have had the opportunity to consult for. It was a truly fun to coordinate their Hollywood glam wedding at Greystone Mansion and lovely reception at Spago.

I was very familiar with Greystone and knew all the best elegant places for my couple to take pre ceremony portraits before the ceremony.

My lovely bride loved hot pinks and reds so she brought those colors in for the ceremony and reception.  I referred her to Luxe Linen added to the glam with red velvet linens and gold brocade linens. Tara is daring and glamorous and it was fun to see her choose such fun unique options for her glam wedding.

The end of the evening was topped for by a visit by Wolfgang Puck himself. It was a fabulous day for Sergio and Tara.


Photography by Ashley Streff


Destination Wedding for Chantelle and Erik

Wow! Chantelle and Erik are two of the loveliest people. From our very first phone call, we connected right away.  They were based in Boston and wanted to have a destination wedding in LA as their dads lived in LA or close to LA and they love California and want to move here.

On their first visit I took them to the Viceroy L’Ermitage and they fell in love with it. It was perfect for their very intimate wedding for only 20 guests. I also took them to the La Peer Hotel which was the venue for welcome cocktails and the Aviary at the Sofitel which was the site for Sunday Brunch. What is amazing about Chantelle and Erik is that they cared about their guests having the time of their lives more than anything else. Their generosity goes so far and they thought of everything for their guests from the welcome bags filled with goodies to their special letters that I had Katrina Calligraphy personally handwrite in calligraphy to each special dinner and other meals. It was a perfect wedding weekend.

The theme was City Elegance representing Los Angeles, Paris, and New York, their 3 favorite cities which you will see on the cake. It was city views, French food, French music and great friends celebrating these 2 amazing people who wanted only the best for their guests. This very intimate wedding was an honor to plan and Chantelle and Erik only worlds of happiness and love to you both.

The Amazing Photography was captured by http://www.Bryanhudsonphotography.com and thank you to all the other extraordinary vendors that gave only the best to this beautiful couple.

Viceroy L’Ermitage

Lets Party LA Entertainment

Luxe Linens

Flowers in Beverly Hills

Casa de Perrin

Design Visage


Ceremony of the Heart

Calligraphy Katrina

Ocdamia Strings






An Enchanted Bat Mitzvah

It was such an honor when a lovely family came to me to produce their daughter Natalie’s Bat Mitzvah at the Luxe Hotel.

Natalie wanted an enchanted magical evening.  Together we transformed the ballroom by completely draping it and adding beautiful lighting designed by Pacific Event Service and florals by Butterfly Florals as if the party was in an enchanted garden.

Natalie is beautiful dancer and chose to dance a beautiful dance with her father as well as do another dance during the evening. She is a wonderful child which is a tribute to her lovely parents that raised her very well.

The kids and adults were entertained by Lets Party Entertainment.

Photography by http://www.nextexitphotography.com


An Elegant Country Club Wedding



Remember that lovely Saddlerock Wedding I blogged last week with Dana and Tyler? Well here is the beautiful wedding of her sister Nicole and her husband Jim. Yes I was fortunate enough to plan both of these lovely sisters’ weddings. And both of these lovely girls were raised to be the best of girls. They are even more beautiful on the inside than outside and you can see they are stunning.

My plan with Nicole and Jim was to plan and design a very different wedding from Dana and Tyler. This wedding was set in a country club vs a vineyard.  Beyond using some of the same fantastic vendors that went above and beyond for both weddings, I made sure none of the rustic elements were replicated in this wedding.  I created a very elegant wedding for Nicole and Jim.

Nicole knew she wanted a silver and lilac color scheme for her wedding so that is what we created with Luxe Linens and Butterfly Florals.  And they created just that with the linens they chose.  Designing it was easy with a lovely couple who trusted me to give them the best of the best.

This family loves to party.  I love that they just enjoy being with each other and celebrating everything. In both these weddings, the father of the bride gave the most touching of toasts celebrating the girls and honoring their mother who gave so much in planning both these weddings that happened within 9 weeks. Then the family just know how to get down on the dance floor.   It was such a joy to plan the weddings for this wonderful family and may they always celebrate like they did this past year.

Photography by http://www.christopherbrownstudios.comnicole&jimnicole&jim-20nicole&jim-265nicole&jim-123nicole&jim-138nicole&jim-143nicole&jim-144nicole&jim-145nicole&jim-146nicole&jim-210nicole&jim-200nicole&jim-249nicole&jim-253nicole&jim-254nicole&jim-261nicole&jim-262nicole&jim-263nicole&jim-273nicole&jim-274nicole&jim-276nicole&jim-279nicole&jim-332nicole&jim-346nicole&jim-366nicole&jim-370nicole&jim-384nicole&jim-406nicole&jim-414nicole&jim-415detailsdetails-2details-4details-7details-10details-11details-13details-14nicole&jim-535nicole&jim-541nicole&jim-593nicole&jim-688


Cinco de Mayo at Saddlerock Ranch



This past May, I had the honor of planning a beautiful wedding for Dana and Tyler. We had been planning this wedding for 16 glorious months when the wedding happened. Dana found me on the Knot and called me a month after she got engaged. She wanted a vineyard wedding for herself and her fiancé and was in the process of booking the Camp Cabernet Venue at Saddlerock Ranch. We connected immediately and planning was in full swing within a week.  With all my couples I want the planning process to be easy and fun. I am fortunate to work with the greatest of vendors who give 110 percent to my clients, so the process was easy in picking every vendor.

I knew Dana wanted everything to be beautiful and serene for the ceremony and reception with the gorgeous surroundings.  Yet for the cocktail hour we designed a fun and colorful space. Since it was Cinco de Mayo, her mom bought these fun Mexican shawls for people to sit on. Though many enjoyed wearing them as it grew cooler in the evening. We also had mini tequila bottles for the escort cards.

Dana and Tyler wanted to dance and dance they did. We had a 15 piece band playing all the hits and no one left the dance floor. This group knows how to celebrate and they did.  One of my favorite moments was watching the entire family get down on dance floor.

This wedding was one of my favorites  as this family are so special and fun and all enjoyed the gorgeous vineyard.  Dana and Tyler trusted me to plan and design the day of their dreams. They got to relax and have fun every minute. It is a true joy getting to see my couples and their families celebrate in such a fashion.


This beautiful day was captured by http://www.wildwhim.com