I met Howard and Harris in November. They are a very sweet couple and the first of my same sex couples to get married this year. The wedding take place at Howard’s parents home this Sunday. It will be a day of joy and dancing for all.

Photography credit http://www.stephaniecollins.com

HowardHarris_Engagement_April 19 2014_017-(ZF-6413-09617-1-001)HowardHarris_Engagement_April 19 2014_026-(ZF-6413-09617-1-004)HowardHarris_Engagement_April 19 2014_034-(ZF-6413-09617-1-002)HowardHarris_Engagement_April 19 2014_036-(ZF-6413-09617-1-003)HowardHarris_Engagement_April 19 2014_094-(ZF-6413-09617-1-009)

HowardHarris_Engagement_April 19 2014_080-(ZF-6413-09617-1-007)HowardHarris_Engagement_April 19 2014_048-(ZF-6413-09617-1-005)

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