This very lovely couple, Beth and Andrew met at Columbia about 10 years ago and have been together ever since. They contacted me late in the game when they realized they needed a coordinator to make sure all went according to plan. I was recommended by another bride who also had her wedding at the Library.

Beth was definitely at DIY bride. She made a beautiful bouquet for herself and her moms out of brooches. She made her center pieces out of old books with plants in the center, and cut thousands of paper hearts with love stories written on them. The place cards were in small boxes organized by last name just like a library would have. Photographs of the family were everywhere including the table numbers. We filled the shelves with family photographs.

It was a wedding of 2 families coming together to sign the Kattubah and recite their vows to each other underneath the chuppah. The ceremony took place overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the wedding party witnessed the most beautiful vows Beth and Drew gave to each other ever heard. The love was so present.

Cocktail  hour was celebrated overlooking the ocean, then all went inside to celebrate Beth and Drew.



The placecards were laid in library boxes. clever and perfect with the wind.

The placecards were laid in library boxes. clever and perfect with the wind.







DSC_5599DSC_5635DSC_5618 DSC_5958DSC_6021DSC_6044DSC_6123DSC_6174DSC_6183DSC_7092DSC_7293DSC_7485 provided all the beautiful images for this lovely wedding.


2 Comments on “Love at Redondo Beach Historical Library

  1. Very cute details! I often have brides contact me for the same reason–they were able to DIY a lot, but at the last minute realize the value of a day-of coordinator 🙂

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