_c5a2208On December 6th, My very special clients had their Annual Holiday Toy Drive to benefit The Laurel Foundation. The Laurel Foundation has been around since 1992 supporting children and families that are affected with HIV/AIDS. They put on programs and camps to give the kids a better quality of life and giving them a chance to belong.

The Sunday after the party, my clients always deliver the bags of toys to the children and the smiles light up a room. It was honor planning this years Toy Drive. My clients were the main sponsor of the event and additional sponsors like myself, Butterfly Floral, Peardon Carrillo, Premier Valet and Joanie and Leigh’s Cakes were happy to donate additional services and time to give these children an amazing holiday.

The theme was a White Christmas. Everything was silver and white with red accents everywhere. Lights and candles filled the outside. It was a winter wonderland that made the outside and inside feel warm and fuzzy with the feeling of the holiday and gift giving for the children.

The Paella Project came on cater the event with most delicious paella that the guests lined up again and again. The dessert table was filled with delicious cake pops and cream puffs from Joanie and Leigh. It was about celebration and generosity.

People came dressed in white to celebrate a white Christmas and each one brought an unwrapped toy for my clients to give to the children. It is a day that all involved look forward to each year._c5a2195_c5a2206_c5a2228_c5a2230_c5a2233_c5a2255_mg_6181

Butterfly Florals created the arrangements so beautifully.

Butterfly Florals created the arrangements so beautifully.


The amazing photography was captured by one of my favorite teams, www.peardoncarrillophoto.com

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