Julia and David got married this past mat at the Oviatt. They had got engaged in Paris so they wanted elements of their engagement and Paris as part of their wedding. The Oviatt Penthouse under the night sky of Los Angles was perfect for what they wanted to create.

Once they cam back from their trip, Julia started collecting antique crystal bowls and special pieces for her amazing candy station. I was blown away by her family efforts in creating this very special candy station. It was art deco, beautiful and all the candy that you could possibly want. Jamaica Cakes completed the table with their fabulous wedding cake. David’s mother made 100s of paper flowers that became the escort cards and décor around the Ovaitt. A lot of love went into creating this wedding.

Julia and David were one of my favorite couples. They trusted me and listened to my suggestions for what could make their wedding fantastic. But it was them that brought the fabulous. They were calm and peaceful all day yet ready to party once they walked down the aisle.

http://www.brocatophoto.com flew in from New Orleans and captured the day beautifully.

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