Blake and Gus contacted me through their venue Redondo Beach Historical Library.  They were planning their wedding from San Francisco and wanted to have a coordinator that knew their location to make sure their day went as they wanted.

They were a very non traditional couple and really wanted to spend time with their friends and family vs all the formal traditions of the wedding. They loved being by the beach despite the grey day, dancing with their friends and celebrating who they are as a couple.

One of my favorite moments of the day were the first dance and the father daughter dance. Blake as she danced sang the lyrics to her husband and her father. It was special, intimate and reflected who the family are.

CAMA3994CAMA4004CAMA3856CAMA3862CAMA4104 CAMA4113 CAMA4119 CAMA4191CAMA4219 CAMA4223CAMA4233CAMB5236CAMB5261CAMB5310CAMB5403CAMB5420CAMB5447CAMB5464 CAMA4278 CAMA4351 CAMA4356CAMA4566 CAMA4567 CAMA4574 CAMA4586 CAMA4595 CAMA4609 CAMA4610 CAMA4658CAMB5313

Photography by

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