WEDHOWARD_169 copy

Tom and Rachael got married at Calamigos this past May. When I met them for the first time last year. They told me they imagined a wedding with a large tree that would reflect the roots of their strong family. They also imagined lots of dancing and romance. They quickly found The Oak Room at Calamigos Ranch. It was perfect for what they wanted.

Family friend Charles Hildreth of signed on to do all the beautiful photographs. He is based in Colorado so brides traveling to Colorado, look him up as he is amazing. And Sudee Mann of Preferred Weddings would keep the dance floor full.

I was looking forward to this wedding all year. Tom and Rachael are such a lovely couple and always listened to each other with all the choices in the planning process. Calamigos is always Romantic lovely and full of color.

Mitzi Bartlett of was brought on to do all the whimsical florals. It was like a fairytale watching Tom and Rachael get married under the arch she created. Joanie and Leigh provided the delicious cakes and Toni Brides made sure Rachael and the girls looked stunning.

This was one of my favorite weddings to date due to the vendor partnership and the trust from the couple knowing that we had their backs in giving them what they wanted.

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