Andrea and Sindy came to me last year knowing they would need a month of coordinator for their wedding at the Oviatt. They were delighted to hear that I had already planned a wedding at that location and knew the routine and the people very well.

They were also especially happy to hear that I was an ally for the gay community.

Since they lived in San Diego, we did all our meetings via phone as they hired all their vendors. I did not meet them till the day before but I felt that I knew them very well through all our calls.  They put their trust in me and I carried it out.

What was important to them was for their guests to hear their love for each other.

One of my favorite moments was during their Grand Entrance all the guests waved flags saying #lovewins.

This is one of those times when you really get present to the love people have for each other. I am proud to be planning weddings for all couples.

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