jcp_4071img_7549IMG_5936.jpg_r7a9298Demian and Brooke came to me a few weeks before their wedding day in need of a planner. They had most of the vendors but needed someone to manage all the details from that time to wedding day.

It was my intention to give them special white glove VIP service as I knew this couple wanted extra attention to them in these last 2 and half weeks leading up to the wedding.

They are a delightful and fun couple that wanted to share their union with all their friends. The ceremony was officiated by a Rabbi, a minister and a spiritual guide overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Bel Air Bay Club in the Pacific Palisades. They were both committed to their spiritual customs and both their religious customs so their beautiful ceremony reflected who they were and what they were about.

Brooke brought in so many special touches she wanted each her guests to experience. This was a union with so much love and joy and commitment. It was a union that every guest was so delighted to see happen as it was so special and so joyful.  Demian and Brooke’s son was baptized during the ceremony and they became a family in front of their friend’s and family members


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