Design Visage perfectly had my bride feel like a queen on the day.



Parties Petals and Paper designed a beautiful wedding



Tres La catered a fantastic wedding




Such a pleasure to coordinate the wedding of Elissa and Matthew who met on the dating app Bumble and it was love at first site.

Here is their story from the bride.

“Story – We’re both only children. Our initials even spell “ME.”  But in our vows I promised to put “WE before ME.” Sadly, our fathers both passed away last year – before the wedding. We inserted a few touches for our fathers at the wedding. For my wise father, Mark Shenkman, a donut wall with a piece of advice he gave me, “Enjoy the Donut, don’t focus on the hole.” And for Matthew’s father, Enrique Fainchtein, a feisty Jewish man from Mexico, a bar menu with signature drinks like, “The Latin Lover” and “The Mexican Hangover.” Our friends and family devoured these all night long.

Bridal procession – I walked down the aisle to the Beatles’ “Here Comes The Sun” because we wanted to put the “Long cold lonely winter” behind us and look forward the sunny days to come! It was important to us to adequately honor our fathers and address their absence from the night, but also make sure it was a celebration and not a sad occasion.

1st dance – we danced to Ella Fitzgerald’s “Tea for two.” It’s a fun, upbeat standard about starting a life together and a throwback classic that went with our vintage mood. We didn’t want guests to watch us sway side to side for five minutes so we took a few classes to learn how to swing dance. We learned that we love dancing together and even a “customary pre-wedding squabble” didn’t last long as soon as we started practicing our dance.

Escort cards – travel is a big part of our relationship, so we calligraphed everyone’s names on the back of vintage postcards from places we’ve been together, with the background behind each place. Guests would flip the card over to find out where they’re going.

Story behind masks – Avid fans of movies, and with my career at a movie studio, we thought it would be fun to do a little wink to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And let’s be honest, it’s a little creepy and cool which we thought was fun and fit with the unique venue!

In the same vein… our save the date was a movie poster designed by my talented friend, Mikel Samson, which we blew up and framed for the wedding, and now our home. (It says “Limited Engagement” because it was a short engagement.)

Matthew works in commercial real estate. I am VP of Events at Lionsgate.

And also FYI – we got engaged at the Carondelet when we booked it!!! In the stairwell. Which is why we took that amazing photo there.”


The amazing photography was captured by hazelnutphotography.com

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