Remember that lovely Saddlerock Wedding I blogged last week with Dana and Tyler? Well here is the beautiful wedding of her sister Nicole and her husband Jim. Yes I was fortunate enough to plan both of these lovely sisters’ weddings. And both of these lovely girls were raised to be the best of girls. They are even more beautiful on the inside than outside and you can see they are stunning.

My plan with Nicole and Jim was to plan and design a very different wedding from Dana and Tyler. This wedding was set in a country club vs a vineyard.  Beyond using some of the same fantastic vendors that went above and beyond for both weddings, I made sure none of the rustic elements were replicated in this wedding.  I created a very elegant wedding for Nicole and Jim.

Nicole knew she wanted a silver and lilac color scheme for her wedding so that is what we created with Luxe Linens and Butterfly Florals.  And they created just that with the linens they chose.  Designing it was easy with a lovely couple who trusted me to give them the best of the best.

This family loves to party.  I love that they just enjoy being with each other and celebrating everything. In both these weddings, the father of the bride gave the most touching of toasts celebrating the girls and honoring their mother who gave so much in planning both these weddings that happened within 9 weeks. Then the family just know how to get down on the dance floor.   It was such a joy to plan the weddings for this wonderful family and may they always celebrate like they did this past year.

Photography by http://www.christopherbrownstudios.comnicole&jimnicole&jim-20nicole&jim-265nicole&jim-123nicole&jim-138nicole&jim-143nicole&jim-144nicole&jim-145nicole&jim-146nicole&jim-210nicole&jim-200nicole&jim-249nicole&jim-253nicole&jim-254nicole&jim-261nicole&jim-262nicole&jim-263nicole&jim-273nicole&jim-274nicole&jim-276nicole&jim-279nicole&jim-332nicole&jim-346nicole&jim-366nicole&jim-370nicole&jim-384nicole&jim-406nicole&jim-414nicole&jim-415detailsdetails-2details-4details-7details-10details-11details-13details-14nicole&jim-535nicole&jim-541nicole&jim-593nicole&jim-688

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