Wow! Chantelle and Erik are two of the loveliest people. From our very first phone call, we connected right away.  They were based in Boston and wanted to have a destination wedding in LA as their dads lived in LA or close to LA and they love California and want to move here.

On their first visit I took them to the Viceroy L’Ermitage and they fell in love with it. It was perfect for their very intimate wedding for only 20 guests. I also took them to the La Peer Hotel which was the venue for welcome cocktails and the Aviary at the Sofitel which was the site for Sunday Brunch. What is amazing about Chantelle and Erik is that they cared about their guests having the time of their lives more than anything else. Their generosity goes so far and they thought of everything for their guests from the welcome bags filled with goodies to their special letters that I had Katrina Calligraphy personally handwrite in calligraphy to each special dinner and other meals. It was a perfect wedding weekend.

The theme was City Elegance representing Los Angeles, Paris, and New York, their 3 favorite cities which you will see on the cake. It was city views, French food, French music and great friends celebrating these 2 amazing people who wanted only the best for their guests. This very intimate wedding was an honor to plan and Chantelle and Erik only worlds of happiness and love to you both.

The Amazing Photography was captured by and thank you to all the other extraordinary vendors that gave only the best to this beautiful couple.

Viceroy L’Ermitage

Lets Party LA Entertainment

Luxe Linens

Flowers in Beverly Hills

Casa de Perrin

Design Visage


Ceremony of the Heart

Calligraphy Katrina

Ocdamia Strings





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