Ashley and Zein came to me last year. They had a venue and knew they needed a planner as they both and very busy careers. They were also questioning the size of the venue for the size of the wedding. We immediately went to see it and yes it was way too small despite the venue owner insisting it could fit 170 people. I gave Ashley 2 options as she wanted a winery wedding in the heart of Malibu and she fell in love with Cielo Farms just from the video.  We put a hold on her date and booked it 2 days later. It was perfect for a black tie vineyard wedding.

Since my clients both had very busy careers, I wanted the planning process to be as easy as possible for my clients.   We designed the wedding to be romantic and lovely.  Ashley and Zein wanted great music, delicious food, and great wines. And that they had for their beautiful September Wedding. I referred all best vendors and the first choice was the only choice for them. As I say wedding planning can be easy and fun with the right planners and vendors. They both have elegant taste and we went with a clean classic look for everything. It was a lovely white wedding in the heart of the Malibu canyons.



The stunning photography ws captured by nextexitphotography.comoba-W180915_0044oba-W180915_0061oba-W180915_0198oba-W180915_0219oba-W180915_0243oba-W180915_0262 copyoba-W180915_0321oba-W180915_0324oba-W180915_0334oba-W180915_0335oba-W180915_0341oba-W180915_0346oba-W180915_0350oba-W180915_0351oba-W180915_0356oba-W180915_0362oba-W180915_0363oba-W180915_0364oba-W180915_0368oba-W180915_0372oba-W180915_0455oba-W180915_0489oba-W180915_0671oba-W180915_0680oba-W180915_0809 copyoba-W180915_0926oba-W180915_0903oba-W180915_0941oba-W180915_1211oba-W180915_1257oba-W180915_1180oba-W180915_1418



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