What an amazing day it was for Shawn and Eedan this past February. I always love planning and coordinating a wedding at South Park Center. It is beautiful and I love the logistics of making everything happen for my couples on the top floor. It takes a village partnership and teamwork to make it happen and that we did on February 17th.

Shawn found me through her floral designer Butterfly Florals with whom I have done over 30 weddings. She is lovely and had all her vendors so she needed me to pull it all together.

The day was perfect after the week of heavy rains we had that week. Jessica Claire was amazing capturing all the beauty of the day including the many hours of time I included for couples and family portraits.

It was a beautiful Jewish ceremony under the gorgeous chuppah designed by the magical Inna Savluk and then confetti canons went off as the bride and groom went down the aisle.

One of the most moving parts of the day was when Shawn’s dad made a toast. Over 30 years ago on February 17th he was shot in a convenience store and was a coma. A miracle happened as he came out of his coma, married his sweetheart, and had Shawn, his miracle baby. He now can have a beautiful new memory of February 17th. The day his beautiful daughter marry the love of her life.   This day was so moving for all and it was one of the most fun weddings as it was a huge celebration.

To Shawn and Eedan! What a way to begin the year!

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