Working with Kellie and Raf was one of the easiest weddings ever. Right away we selected the Calamigos Oak Room for their wedding venue. Kellie and her mom loved it and then she showed it to Raf and it was a no brainer for both of them as they loved that location. It was magical and romantic which is exactly what Kellie wanted when she called me.

Kel;ie is a doctor and in the middle of her residency at Cedars so I was committed to have everything as easy as possible. We selected a Dj Photographer and Videographer immediately and then began on the design a few months later. Butterfly Florals designed a beautiful space and it was exactly what Kellie imagined when she saw the room. I was so delighted to see the absolute joy on Kellie’s face as she saw everything. It is exactly what a planner wants on wedding day.

It did not stop there as the ceremony of 2 high school sweethearts who have been together for 9 years was so moving. They continued to dance for joy at every moment. The day was September 21st so it was only fitting that Earth Wind and Fire’s September was the song playing as the bride and groom made the grand entrance. DJ Bryan Chesters had the guests on their feet non stop. They would have continued dancing and we had to stop for a bit to serve dinner otherwise everyone would have continued to dance all night long. The final dance was  again September and the guests then sent the bride and groom on a fabulous send off to their marriage.

There are weddings for the history books and this one will go down as one of the most fun in my experience. I was still dancing for a week. It was a major high for me to see the guests on the dance floor tearing it up, the bride and groom delighted, the parents so happy. May all continue to dance!!!

Fabulous photography by dantophotography.comIMG_8716JD1_8642JD1_8679JD1_8712JD1_8763JD1_8709JD1_8696IMG_849575462408_10206728637250818_3358414230742106112_oLY7A8696IMG_8817JD1_9291JD1_9297JD1_9294LY7A8877JD1_9280LY7A8882


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