Planning the destination wedding for Kristina and Karif was one of my highlights of 2019. They called me from Miami last year wanting a lovely destination wedding in LA as they loved Los Angeles so much. They wanted a beautiful hotel with a garden.  Karif called me one morning and said he just came in to town and wanted to see venues that day. We met at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and he immediately fell in love with the venue and texted Kristina pictures of the space. It was one and we were done as this was the space they loved.

We planned the stunning wedding which was just featured in Inside Weddings which I will show on a later blog, and then began the process of planning the welcome dinner for 40 happy guests. The Four Seasons has a beautiful pool terrace and was perfect for their Miami themed dinner.  We wanted a casual Cajun dinner. Since we were designing an elegant white and pink wedding, we brought in a colorful feel of teal and purples for the dinner. I brought them to Luxe Linen when they came into town and we chose a dramatic teal linen that was very daring. It went perfectly with our rental lounge furniture. Butterfly Florals added their fabulous touch to the overall look.

Guests feasted on a delicious menu curated by the chefs at the Four Seasons and finished off with a smores bar.

Stunning photography by nextexitphotography.comrop_W190309_0150rop_W190309_0109


Beautiful Calligraphy by Calligraphy Katrin


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