This is the second blog to highlight the gorgeous wedding of Kristina and Karif that was just featured in Inside Weddings. You got to experience the fun Miami colors in their rehearsal dinner. Now is their glorious wedding complete with a stellar team of the best vendors LA has to offer.

Planning for these 2 lovely people who chose me as their destination planner across the country was a complete joy. They fully trusted me in selecting the best vendors for their dream wedding. It began one  September afternoon after seeing the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills and then we were full steam ahead in planning their gorgeous wedding in just 5 short months.

It was Star Wars that inspired the couple and we tied that in to the wedding in very subtle ways from the music at the ceremony to the cake designed by the best pastry chefs at the Four Seasons.

What I love about this beautiful couple is that they were fully invested in each other having their dream wedding come alive. They had their own voice and were determined to give the very best to their guests and their families.

Enjoy the gorgeousness from one of my favorite photography teams Nextexitphotography.comrop_W190309_0427rop_W190309_0503rop_W190309_0576rop_W190309_0699rop_W190309_0731rop_W190309_0803rop_W190309_0831rop_W190309_0951rop_W190309_0955rop_W190309_1054rop_W190309_1060rop_W190309_1123rop_W190309_1137rop_W190309_1179rop_W190309_1185rop_W190309_1190rop_W190309_1199rop_W190309_1202rop_W190309_1208rop_W190309_1215rop_W190309_1223rop_W190309_1234rop_W190309_1249rop_W190309_1252rop_W190309_1287rop_W190309_1473rop_W190309_1474rop_W190309_1580

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