On Friday evening, my first wedding of the year postponed officially. It was set to be on April 5th. I had spent the week discussing health possibilities and what it would look like if we had a smaller wedding. We had plans to do a live stream of the wedding for all the people who could not travel.  I requested that the staff wear white gloves.  My bride had just bought purel for all her 250 guests.  I spoke to all the vendors and gave them the heads up that we might go from 250 to 150. I called them again and let them know we may postpone. Everyone was understanding.  Yet I had a feeling that we would actually postpone.  There were so many  so many important people traveling including my couple and her family. Friday they made the official decision to postpone to the one of the dates the venue provided.

As much as I was looking forward to the wedding in April, I knew they made the right choice on Friday even though I had a small wave of disappointment for a few minutes. All the vendors had been booked for well over a year.  I had been on board for 20 months. The wedding was fully planned. We just had a call with the band that Friday morning and I was moved to tears by how fabulous the day would be AND the wedding is about the family and their friends, and I knew what was important were the couple and their guests. It is about them.  I knew on Friday when I got the official email that we are still going to have that fabulous wedding but later this year vs in 3 weeks.  Then Sunday happened and everything was being shut down.  Events are being postponed all over the place.

I had been in action with all the vendors and we have 2 possible dates that everyone can do. My vendors are amazing and giving and all of them are committed to giving my couple the best possible wedding on the day they want. I am so happy we have the entire team on board to continue as each one were hand picked as they were the very best. I know that our new date will be the best ever as it is so special because of everything we are all doing for our couple. I am excited for the day. I am always overjoyed when I see my couples dancing the night away, and this one will be extra special.

To all the wedding vendors out here, I love and am in awe of who you are and what you contribute and especially now. We are in this together and we will overcome this time and gain strength. I look forward to all our event days even more than ever. I don’t take for granted who you are.  You literally give your hearts to every event. To the fun we will have in the near future creating amazing weddings for our couples! I am so looking forward to all of it.

To all the wonderful couples. Please don’t worry. Your vendors have your back. We will find a dates that work for you. Hey 10 of my vendors came together to find a date that worked for everyone almost immediately. I am sure by early Summer, we will be back in action, dancing the night away with you.  Please stay positive.  We can work together right now so you dream visions are possible by Summer.BridgetAshWedding_1424v

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