Weddings and Events have taken an enormous toll as a result of this COVID-19 Pandemic. And even though three vaccines look to be promising treatments for stemming and eventually eliminating this horrific virus, people want their lives to go on and to go on now. But how do you safely have a wedding or any kind of event without risking the lives of those in attendance. Unfortunately, weddings and events that have taken place without rigorously following CDC guidelines have met with deadly consequences.

Natalie Sofer Weddings & Events understands the need to celebrate and has successfully executed both weddings and events by creating outdoor micro weddings (see the image above) and a range of virtual Zoom events. So, yes, you can get married or throw a surprise birthday party without putting you and your guests’ lives at risk. Celebrations can still go on safely and intimately.

Outdoor Events

Understanding the nature of the pandemic, Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events has adapted to creating smaller outdoor “micro” events that provide many of the amenities that could be found in pre-COVID celebrations. So long as the parties involved and the participants cooperate and follow the appropriate guidelines, venues can be selected, florists employed, catering provided, entertainment enjoyed and a good and safe time will be had by all.

Virtual Events

The COVID-19 Pandemic has turned Zoom into an essential means of communication for any one or any group wanting to meet face to face without being face to face. If you want to get together or throw a party, Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events can create a virtual event that will provide the following:

  • Arrange for Zoom Room management
  • Create timeline for the virtual event
  • Secure and send catered gift boxes to registered attendees
  • Provide entertainment
  • Set up attendee break-out rooms
  • Secure appropriate lighting and decor for host’s background

Don’t let the Pandemic overtake your life. Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events is here to help you plan and create a safe and appropriate wedding or event. Following CDC guidelines Natalie will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind experience that you and your guests will always remember and for all the right reasons.

Contact Natalie Sofer to learn more.

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