Happy Anniversary Brit and Ari – Same day edit

It has been one year since Brit and Ari tied the knot. It was truly one of the most special weddings that I had the pleasure of coordinating. It took place at Cicada in downtown LA. A gorgeous art deco venue set the stage for the stunning couple amidst all their friends and family. Right after the grand entrance, Brit gave the most beautiful present to her husband and I was blown away by the magic in voice.




Love at Redondo Beach Historical Library

This very lovely couple, Beth and Andrew met at Columbia about 10 years ago and have been together ever since. They contacted me late in the game when they realized they needed a coordinator to make sure all went according to plan. I was recommended by another bride who also had her wedding at the Library.

Beth was definitely at DIY bride. She made a beautiful bouquet for herself and her moms out of brooches. She made her center pieces out of old books with plants in the center, and cut thousands of paper hearts with love stories written on them. The place cards were in small boxes organized by last name just like a library would have. Photographs of the family were everywhere including the table numbers. We filled the shelves with family photographs.

It was a wedding of 2 families coming together to sign the Kattubah and recite their vows to each other underneath the chuppah. The ceremony took place overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean and the wedding party witnessed the most beautiful vows Beth and Drew gave to each other ever heard. The love was so present.

Cocktail  hour was celebrated overlooking the ocean, then all went inside to celebrate Beth and Drew.



The placecards were laid in library boxes. clever and perfect with the wind.

The placecards were laid in library boxes. clever and perfect with the wind.







DSC_5599DSC_5635DSC_5618 DSC_5958DSC_6021DSC_6044DSC_6123DSC_6174DSC_6183DSC_7092DSC_7293DSC_7485

www.NoelleWilliamsPhotography.com provided all the beautiful images for this lovely wedding.


Carnivale Wedding – The Video

Lauren and Gian got married in their parents” home in La Quinta last April. I felt like posting their magical day with their wedding video. It was a total celebration of their love with sparklers, peacock feathers and friends. Oh and the best Argentinian food in the Desert from Desert Cities Catering.

Ryan Hutchins captured their beautiful day.





photography credit http://www.ashleightaylorphotography.com

Working with this stunning couple for over a year was so much fun. Lauren wanted to be different and exciting in her choices for design and the entire event was a fun fabulous carnival party.

Working with this stunning couple for over a year was so much fun. Lauren wanted to be different and exciting in her choices for design and the entire event was a fun fabulous carnival party.



A garden wedding in June

Howard and Harris were married June 8th at their parents home in Tarzana. It was a day celebrating the love for these 2 gentleman on a beautiful gay pride weekend.

Howard and Harris loved jacaranda trees so trees became a foundation for the design element of the wedding from the table signs to the manzanita trees on the tables, to the trees in the garden. It embodied the strength of their relationship and the strength of the Jewish customs

This was the first of my same sex weddings this year and complete celebration of love. It began with a traditional Jewish Ceremony witnessed by their family and friends reading the 7 blessings. Guests continued into a cocktail hour while Howard and Harris took time for themselves.

Dinner began in the garden with the Horah and the blessing of the meal. The guests feasted on a great meal while http://www.tranceformotion kept the party hopping.


Photography http://www.stephaniecollins.comHowardHarris_Preceremony_June 08 2014_008-(ZF-7958-09907-1-034)HowardHarris_PostCeremonyPortraits_June 08 2014_027-(ZF-7958-09907-1-030)HowardHarris_PostCeremonyPortraits_June 08 2014_016-(ZF-7958-09907-1-028)HowardHarris_Preceremony_June 08 2014_011-(ZF-7958-09907-1-035)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_007-(ZF-7958-09907-1-002)HowardHarris_Ceremony_June 08 2014_041-(ZF-7958-09907-1-041)HowardHarris_Ceremony_June 08 2014_042-(ZF-7958-09907-1-042)HowardHarris_Ceremony_June 08 2014_042-(ZF-7958-09907-1-042) HowardHarris_Ceremony_June 08 2014_043-(ZF-7958-09907-1-043)HowardHarris_Ceremony_June 08 2014_047-(ZF-7958-09907-1-045)HowardHarris_Ceremony_June 08 2014_056-(ZF-7958-09907-1-047)HowardHarris_Ceremony_June 08 2014_171-(ZF-7958-09907-1-048)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_008-(ZF-7958-09907-1-003)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_010-(ZF-7958-09907-1-004)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_011-(ZF-7958-09907-1-005)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_013-(ZF-7958-09907-1-007)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_021-(ZF-7958-09907-1-010)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_015-(ZF-7958-09907-1-009)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_033-(ZF-7958-09907-1-017)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_037-(ZF-7958-09907-1-019)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_035-(ZF-7958-09907-1-018)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_033-(ZF-7958-09907-1-017)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_047-(ZF-7958-09907-1-021)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_048-(ZF-7958-09907-1-022)HowardHarris_Ceremony_June 08 2014_026-(ZF-7958-09907-1-039)HowardHarris_PostCeremonyPortraits_June 08 2014_029-(ZF-7958-09907-1-031)HowardHarris_PostCeremonyPortraits_June 08 2014_048-(ZF-7958-09907-1-032)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_022-(ZF-7958-09907-1-011)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_023-(ZF-7958-09907-1-012)HowardHarris_Details_June 08 2014_027-(ZF-7958-09907-1-015)HowardHarris_Reception_June 08 2014_087-(ZF-7958-09907-1-023)HarrisHoward_Wedding_Favs_June 08 2014_071-(ZF-8896-21172-1-001)HarrisHoward_Wedding_Favs_June 08 2014_075-(ZF-8896-21172-1-002)HarrisHoward_Wedding_Favs_June 08 2014_083-(ZF-8896-21172-1-003)HowardHarris_Reception_June 08 2014_125-(ZF-7958-09907-1-024)HowardHarris_Reception_June 08 2014_126-(ZF-7958-09907-1-025)HowardHarris_Reception_June 08 2014_128-(ZF-7958-09907-1-027)

Romance at the Four Seasons. The Video


Special Thank you to Charles Lauren Films for capturing the love of Bri and Aaron this past June at the Four Seasons. Just relived the beautiful day of Bri and Aaron and their families.

Yes the was classic beauty with beautiful orchids everywhere. What a stunning wedding!

Congratulations Bri and Aaron!!!

Videography http://www.charleslauren.com

The Gatsby Rehearsal Dinner

What could be more perfect for my 1920s Gatsby Grooms to have their rehearsal dinner/cocktail party  for 80 people at the Roosevelt. We were checking out the hotel for possible locations for their rehearsal dinner and they discovered the bowling alley. It was fun unique and cool. There was bowling a pool table a photo booth and games.

We chose fun foods like sliders, fries, mac n cheese. The specialty drinks were named “The Grand Entrance” and “The Gatsby”

Guests bowled, played, and had a fun pre celebration before the big fabulous affair.

These are a few of the details of the evening. Stay tuned for party shots.


Copper Willow designed the fabulous programs. We wanted a 1920s newspaper and included the highlights of 1927 when the Roosevelt first opened.


Customized gift bags were given to all staying at the hotel. My grooms even thought of advil to help a possible hang over.


It was a pleasure to plan this fabulous party

http://www.pcweddingphoto.com took all the fun photos of this special night._MG_1565_MG_1567_MG_1571_MG_1578_MG_1587_MG_1596_MG_1598_MG_1597_MG_1637_MG_1774



Gifts for the ladies with pearls, 1920s head bands and other fun jewels for the big day.

Customized Candy Bars from Cake and Art

Customized Candy Bars from Cake and Art

The Great Gatsby Wedding

IMG_9483_MG_2966Sam and Ashan were married July 26th at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This was truly one of my favorite weddings. I met these 2 amazing gentlemen at a gay wedding show last year. They wanted a planner to whom they could relate to and get to know not just as their planner but as a friend whom they could trust. Ashan wanted a regal wedding. He had been planning his dream wedding since he was a little boy and it meant to him that his planner did not steer him away from his designs or ideas but only enhance them. I gave them a couple of venue ideas that would support his dream wedding. The second one, the Roosevelt was a hit and it certainly helped that it was set up for a wedding that day. 3 days later on Christmas Day, Sam and Ashan saw the Great Gatsby and it was full steam ahead with planning the Gatsby Wedding of the millennium. We booked the venue, then hired http://www.pcweddingphoto.com to capture the day. One by one the rest of the vendors followed suit.  Ashan wanted white feathers to the ceiling. He drew out a beautiful feather alter that was his vision for where he wanted to get married. http://www.butterflyfloralanddesign.com captured what he wanted perfectly. pearls cascaded not only from the alter but the centerpieces as well. We wanted everything to be authentic to the time period from linens, the white coats that we bought for the servers, the flapper girls, cigarette trays, the gorgeous sequined linens, to the fabulous band http://www.bigluckyband.com. We put together a pro team of over 25 vendors to create this magical Gatsby affair where all the guests were so excited, they dressed authentic to the period. It was a production and it was important to me that my clients were comfortable and happy with every decision and choice. We had a production meeting a month before the big day to go over every detail of the timeline of the day and every design element. This made a huge difference in the planning and every vendor on the same page.


The day came and every vendor was in complete partnership. Sam and Ashan got to enjoy their 5 hour photo shoot before the ceremony between popping into the ballroom to see how spectacular everything looked and practicing their first dance. They both put their hearts in to planning this extraordinary day not only for themselves but their family and friends. It was day that all of us will remember. _MG_2411 _MG_2446_MG_2499_MG_2527_MG_2678 _MG_2683_C5A9539_C5A9457_C5A9844_C5A9851 _C5A9880  _C5A0583_C5A9885_C5A9887_MG_2983_MG_3203_C5A0130_MG_3381IMG_9409IMG_9471IMG_9494_MG_2980_MG_2974_MG_2983_MG_2973_MG_2678_MG_3479

Howard and Harris Are Married

Happy Tuesday all,

Here is the wedding video from Howard and Harris’s wedding last June. This is my first same sex wedding this year and a delight to produce. They were a lovely couple that enjoyed having their family and friends in their home to celebrate their marriage.

Videography by http://www.ryanhutchinsfilm.com

Starr and Matt get Married

Happy Monday all. This is the beautiful same day edit from Impressive Creations of Starr and Matt’s Wedding.

It was a joy to see their faces as they got to watch the same day edit after the cake cutting.

Get swept away to Palos Verdes and enjoy the beautiful ceremony and reception.

Classic Elegance at the Four Seasons

I met Brittany in March at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Although it was raining quite hard. I could imagine what she wanted for her wedding. Many girls have dreamt and visualize a white wedding. They want classic romance, elegant and beautiful. Brittany needed a planner that would take what she wanted and make it happen.

She had told me Matt of http://www.linandjirsa.com were signed on for photography. I was happy as I worked with them before and they always do a great job. Charles Lauren Films were slated for Videography. A team that always do a great job as well.

Enter Vinnie of Flowers in Beverly Hills. He had worked with Brittany’s family for years and knew exactly what Brittany was looking for in the romantic look he created for her. The centerpieces were gorgeous and he did a stunning job with all the details from the amazing chuppah, to every arrangement, and bouquet. Orchids were dripping from each centerpiece.

With plenty of friends, Brittany and her dashing husband Aaron had 11 groomsmen and 12 bridesmaids. The family and wedding party stood for Brittany and Aaron under the beautiful chuppah as they spoke their vows.

One vendor that we were all excited by was the band from Bob Gail. The grand entrance was to Marry Me by Bruno Mars, then the couple danced to Maybe I’m Amazed by McCartney. It was beautiful. Afterward the band rocked the dance floor. The guests did not want to stop dancing as all were having a blast.

After dinner, I had suggested to Brittany to a dessert bar vs a plated dessert. She loved the idea as it would also create more time for dancing for those who wanted to dance. The guests would feast on donuts, cookies, gelato and chocolate covered strawberries. There was plenty and all the guests got to have some of everything.

It was a beautiful fun wedding. We completed the night with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” The guests formed a circle around both families as they hugged each other in celebration of uniting their families and the marriage of Brittany and Aaron.

Planning http://www.nataliesoferweddingsandevents.com

Venue http://www.fourseasons.com/LosAngeles

Photography http://www.linandjirsa.com

Videography http://www.charleslauren.com

Band http://www.bobgail.com

Florals http://www.facebook.com/FlowersinBH

Lighting http://www.dashingevents.com

Rentals http://www.cmcpartyrentals.com





1920s Engagement Shoot

So excited to feature this highly styled engagement shoot for one of my upcoming weddings this year. We had a lot of fun styling the shoot. My clients had have a lovely home with fun nooks and crannies in their garden that created the perfect setting for their Gatsby inspired engagement shoot. Www.pcweddingphoto.com provided all the stunning images for their engagement session. Su Han did the make up. Vision and concept was created by my grooms and myself. Definitely looking forward to their big day later this year.

._C5A0629_C5A0624_MG_2301_C5A0647-Edit_MG_2254-Edit_MG_2223_MG_2320_MG_2324_MG_2358_MG_2244_MG_2392 _MG_2393_MG_2476-Edit_MG_2530-Edit_C5A0775_C5A0782_MG_2613_MG_2376_C5A0821_C5A0815_MG_2773_MG_2822_MG_2814

Starr and Matt – Hollywood Chic